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Gaby Equiz, born and currently residing in Tijuana Mexico is the co-director of Alma Latina, one the most recognized performing art schools in Tijuana and with franchises all over the United States. Trained from very young in flamenco, Gaby Equiz is one of the most recognized female dancers in South California and Mexico.

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On my classes you will find weekly exercises and techniques for improvement on your dancing and on your styling. Whether you are trying to be a fabulous , sexy social dancer, a performer or a winning competitor, you will find all the information needed to become the best dancer you can be. Please contact me if you have any questions or guidance on what classes to take depending on what your interest is or dance goals are. xoxoxo --Gaby Equiz

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Beginners Bootcamp

Ladies Styling Fundamentals

Alma Latina Styling & Technique By Gaby Equiz

wether you are a complete beginner trying to learn salsa and mambo ladies styling or if you are an advanced dancer trying to fix bad habits ,, its a great idea to start from the very very beginning learning solid fundamentals that will make your dancing , correct and beautiful from the start. In this package you will learn the correct body movement, correct foot placement, correct arm styling from the start.



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